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  • NYSUT launches new 'Take a Look at Teaching' campaign

    ALBANY, NY Sept. 20, 2018 — New York State United Teachers today launched “Take a Look at Teaching,” a new initiative to strengthen teacher recruitment efforts and elevate the profession as a whole. The program targets college, middle and high school students; adult career changers; and individuals already working in the education field who want to become certified teachers.

    Starting this fall, the campaign will feature campus conversations, a series of regional summits for students and educators hosted by P-12 and higher education union locals statewide.  The campaign also features a new site that will help people navigate the process of

  • 5 simple steps to take action for Puerto Rico

    Via our national affiliate AFT:

    On September 20th, Hurricane Maria survivors, along with advocates and allies, will be staging mass vigils across the country to mourn the victims of Hurricane Maria and demand justice for Puerto Rico.

    AFT is joining the Hispanic Federation, the Power 4 Puerto Rico Coalition, CPD, faith based networks and others in protesting the administration’s callous indifference to Puerto Rican suffering.

    We also are calling for accountability from members of Congress while urging everyone to support candidates this November who support Puerto Rico. There’s much more that remains to be done in Puerto Rico with regards to education, health care,

  • North Country educators see 'promise' of community schools project

    Whitney Point junior Mackenzie St. John had a little confession for a busload of North Country educators who visited her Southern Tier community school program.

    "I really hate Wednesdays," she said. The reason? That's the only weekday her community school's drop-in center is not open.

    St. John is not the only one who feels that way. A couple of years ago, when the fledgling drop-in center was only open two days a week, students successfully petitioned the district to double the Promise Zone program to four days. They simply needed more.

    The drop-in center is a lifeline for students looking for some friendly faces, a little extra support during study hall, or maybe just to avoid the social difficulties of

  • Bronx teacher of immigrant students named New York’s 2019 Teacher of the Year

    ALBANY, N.Y. Sept. 18, 2018 — A visually impaired Bronx high school teacher who immigrated to this country from West Africa and entered teaching because he wanted to transform the lives of young people — all while commuting four hours round-trip each day from the Hudson Valley to do so — today was named the state’s 2019 Teacher of the Year.

    Alhassan Susso, a member of United Federation of Teachers, teaches government, economics and personal development at the International Community High School in the South Bronx, where nearly every student is poor and a new arrival to this country. He rises well before dawn each school day, usually at 4 a.m., for the two-hour trip from his home in Poughkeepsie to the

  • Educators and nurses vote to unionize and affiliate with NYSUT

    ALBANY, N.Y. Sept. 18, 2018 — Educators at three institutions, including two in Buffalo, have voted to unionize and affiliate with the more than 600,000-member New York State United Teachers.

    NYSUT’s Board of Directors voted Saturday to approve the affiliation request of teachers at the Health Sciences Charter School in Buffalo and the staff at the Stanley G. Falk School in Buffalo. In addition, the board voted to recognize school nurses in the Uniondale School District on Long Island as a local union within NYSUT. The three new NYSUT local unions will represent more than 300 educators and health care professionals.

    “Educators in charter schools and the teachers, counselors and other professionals