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19 November 2018

  • NYC Schools Chancellor and AFT leaders visit school in Puerto Rico

    San Juan, PR - NYC Schools Chancellor and AFT leaders visited a school in Puerto Rico to explore partnership opportunities to benefit teachers and students as part of the recovery process of the Island. The visit, on Friday, Nov. 9 was the Escuela Central de Artes Visuales in San Juan.

    Participants: Chancellor Richard Carranza (NYC Schools Chancellor), Evelyn DeJesus (pictured above, Vice President of the American Federation of Teachers and United Federation of Teachers) and Aida Díaz (President of the Puerto Rican Teachers Association, AMPR).

  • SRP Recognition Day: Are you up for a little friendly competition?

    SRP Recognition Day is a great way to acknowledge the contributions School-Related Professionals make in helping to educate the whole student.

    So: is your local union up for a little friendly competition?

    Did your local union, school or parent organization plan a spectacular event?

    Did you display posters and fliers to announce this special celebration?

    Then tell us about it!

    Send your SRP Recognition Day event photos, quotes, activities - and more - to Leslie Fottrell at lfottrel@nysutmail.org by

  • Teachers join the Puerto Rican Day Parade to award student scholarships

    November 8, 2018 (San Juan, PR) - The Puerto Rico Teachers Association (AMPR), the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) and the NYC Department of Education joined the National Puerto Rican Day Parade (NPRDP) Organization to recognize and award scholarships to a group of 32 Puerto Rican students on the Island. The scholarship program benefits both Puerto Rican students on the island and on the mainland to help them afford college and continue their undergraduate education.

    “We are grateful to the

  • From Navy petty officer to "Huffalump" driver, SRP Darci Ordway lives to serve.

    Navy veteran and School-Related Professional Darci Ordway will never forget her first school bus run.

    As she nervously pulled up the hulking 40-foot shiny yellow bus to her first stop, a young girl, barely big enough to lift her legs upon the high steps, got onto the bus and said, “Thank god you’re here. If my mom fluffed my hair one more time I was going to lose it.”

    That’s all it took for Ordway — who calls her young riders “Huffalumps” — to get hooked.


  • We told you we would remember


    Don’t mess with NYSUT.

    If you run for office and call dedicated, hard-working educators and health-care workers “forces of evil” — as Republican Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan did a month before Election Day — our members will remember.

    If you refuse to address the state’s broken and unfair teacher-evaluation and standardized testing system, our members will remember.

    And if you insist on catering to the billionaire-backed charter industry at the expense of New York’s students, our members will remember.

    “If there is one takeaway from this election, it’s that NYSUT members pay